181 Training Videos Produced in 3 Languages

An international supermarket brand investing heavily in digital transformation projects needed to ensure operational alignment with new processes and technologies among employees in their global and local offices.


In a period of accelerated organizational change, their global training and onboarding needs outstripped their internal resources.

ctrl QS designed and produced an upskilling solution based around video tutorials to train global and local team members in using their everyday tools and systems, and to facilitate organizational-wide change management, from local teams to C level and senior management.

Key Results:

  • 181 training videos created in 3 languages
  • Centralized hub created as a one-stop-shop for all user training material
  • Knowledge gaps amongst local employees addressed directly in videos
  • Successful change management across the organization through informative and promotional internal communication videos

Comprehensive Change Management through Training and Communication – How We Did It:

System's Expertise

Using our team’s experience with corporate digital technologies and by engaging with the client’s employees directly, we quickly identified specific use cases and knowledge gaps which needed to be addressed.

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User Training

With the end-user’s perspective, we set about conceptualizing and storyboarding training material for specific tools and systems in line with the global team’s vision and mission. We then produced, narrated and translated all videos.

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High Level Change Management

We created overview videos informing senior management of the value and function of the new tools and systems within their organization.

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Sharing all training material through a globally accessible knowledge hub, local employees were able to extract the most value from the new tools and systems while freeing up the global team from direct onboarding support.

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