How Can We Help You Master Global and Local Digital Operations?

An Overview of Our Services

Rollout Management

Planning, steering, and executing; we ensure international rollout projects are on track and reach all business objectives.Icon for the ctrl QS service Rollout Management

  • Rollout process design and concept sparring
  • Rollout project management and stakeholder steering
  • Localization/Implementation preparation and execution
  • System transition management, cutover, and launch coordination

Solution Enablement & Adoption

Upskilling and engaging stakeholders all over the world to increase acceptance for newly introduced digital solutions and processes, optimizing usage and collaboration.
Icon for the ctrl QS service Solution Enablement and Adoption

  • Success and change management design and execution
  • Learning and engagement content creation and documentation (use-case based)
  • Training delivery
  • Learning and collaboration platform setup and administration

Content & Storefront Management

We centrally manage and maintain multi-lingual content in digital platforms including Sitecore, Adobe Experience Manager, Salesforce Marketing and Commerce Cloud, FirstSpirit, Drupal, SAP Hybris, and more.Icon for the ctrl QS service Content and Storefront Management

  • Content migration and mass data entry
  • Global content setup, layout, editing, and optimization
  • Platform maintenance and digital asset management
  • Technical content management
  • E-commerce management
  • Corporate communications publishing

Operational & Technical Support

Keeping the machine running smoothly and reliably; we support and maintain corporate digital solutions efficiently on a global scale.
Icon for the ctrl QS service Operational and Technical Support

  • 1st/2nd level system and operational support
  • Functional testing and UAT
  • Global tool and user administration
  • System configuration and integration

Global Process Management

We manage processes between stakeholders worldwide to facilitate daily operations, aligning global guidelines and local requirements in engaged collaboration. Icon for the ctrl QS service Global Process Management

  • Campaign, product, and content workflow management
  • Quality assurance, tool optimization, review and approvals
  • System user insights and activity optimization
  • Feature release and system updates management
  • (Interim) digital operations management and outsourced support

Digital Operations Consulting

We design streamlined process frameworks for complex, agile and fast paced environments, enabling global teams to operate in an efficient and structured manner.Icon for the ctrl QS service Digital Operations Consulting

  • Operating and governance model design
  • Process design and optimization
  • Technical consulting

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