Localization of an Ambitious Global Digital Campaign

Our client’s Brand Manager planned to launch a global digital campaign which required the implementation of features beyond those normally used within their CMS.

This, coupled with the task of preparing hundreds of content assets for localization, presented a major challenge to global and local teams alike.

ctrl QS established a comprehensive workflow to enable painless alignment between the global business unit, creative agencies and local markets to facilitate the development and localization of this ambitious campaign.

Key Results:

  • Over 300 content assets processed for localization in just 2 weeks
  • More than 60 markets supported when localizing campaign materials
  • All brand and campaign guidelines safeguarded globally
  • Successful CMS integration of features including Augmented Reality, Chatbots, and QR redirects

How We Supported Our Client:

Asset Preparation

Liaised with creative agencies to ensure content assets were quality checked, imported to the CMS and prepared for smooth adaptation on local websites.

Infographic depicting global digital content preparation

End-to-End Campaign Oversight

Maintained alignment between the key stakeholders (developers, the global business unit, creative agencies and local markets) to ensure advanced technical features were delivered on time and within quality expectations.

Infographic depicting an end to end localization process

Localization Support

Our global content oversight and hands-on CMS expertise ensured all local markets had access to the support and specific guidance material required to quickly localize the global campaign within brand guidelines.

Icon demonstrating localization support for global marketing teams

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