Introducing an Operating Model for Engaged Collaboration

Fragmented digital marketing activities and workflows were limiting the local efficacy of global investments in digital media and marketing campaigns for an international consumer goods company.

The ctrl QS team designed and implemented a customized operating model which enabled a cohesive approach to digital media activations across each local marketing team.

Key Results:

  • Integrated activities and collaborative workflows created throughout the whole digital lifecycle
  • Regular interactions and feedback established on different process levels
  • Transparent responsibilities defined and communicated to all stakeholders
  • Early local involvement in media activations, resulting in increased adaptation
  • Harmonized KPIs, feedback and reporting

How We Established an Operating Model to Accelerate Digital Transformation

ctrl QS dived into the client’s organizational eco-system to understand the specific business goals which needed to be achieved and to map the pain points which were limiting the global team and local affiliates in their marketing campaign processes.

Balancing the needs of each side of the business, we then designed an operating model which transformed the management of campaigns and digital assets across the organization.

Our team’s extensive experience from the user perspective within a system enabled us to implement a solution which was practical for the local teams and relevant for the global business goals.

Tangible Outcomes for Our Client

Structured Workflows

From disconnected digital marketing processes between global and local teams to structured workflows with clearly defined roles and responsibilities within each team.

Infographic showing a structured workflow

Communication and Collaboration

From top-down, one-way campaign communications through emails and attachments to the provision of locally relevant campaign materials and communications through a centralized collaboration hub.

Infographic showing collaboration and communication between employees

Actionable Insights

From fragmented insights on campaign performance at the local level to the identification and routine extraction of actionable insights through unified KPIs and harmonized reporting workflows.

Infographic showing communication and employees sharing insights and learnings

Transparent Feedback

From no global visibility in local media campaigns to transparent and direct local feedback channels providing insights into the activities of each country.

Infographic icon depicting transparency across global teams

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