Organisational Learning & Development Expert (m/f/d)

Join us as Organizational Learning & Development Expert to lead the design and execution of frameworks for talent development and training impact assessment. This role is crucial in connecting our People and Academy teams, focusing on empowering our team to deliver top-quality service to our clients while maintaining a strong understanding of business and market needs. You will monitor future trends and skills gaps, translating these insights into effective learning initiatives that support individual career growth and adapt to our organization’s evolving landscape. Fluency in English, versatility, and a willingness to collaborate with various stakeholders are essential for building strong relationships across ctrl QS. Key qualities for this role include resilience, adaptability, proactivity, strong prioritization, and a sense of ownership. Ready to shape the future of talent development and make a lasting impact? Apply now and join our dynamic team at ctrl QS!

What you'll do

Talent Development Frameworks.

You develop and execute structured frameworks for career development and skill enhancement across the organization, integrating performance enhancement strategies. These frameworks will be designed with consideration of market needs, business requirements, and identified skills gaps, ensuring a holistic approach to talent development and performance improvement.

Training Impact.

You streamline and organize various training initiatives, including our onboarding program, in collaboration with the Academy. You lead and facilitate training sessions to enhance the skills and knowledge of employees. You will analyze data and assess the impact of training programs to ensure their effectiveness and alignment with business goals and market needs.

Collaborative Liaison between People and Academy Teams.

You connect the People and Academy teams to empower teams, deliver top-quality service, understand business and market needs, monitor trends and skills gaps, and translate insights into effective learning initiatives for career growth and organizational adaptation.

Stakeholder Management.

You manage various stakeholders, including capability leads, topic owners, staffing teams, and the Academy, to ensure smooth operations and alignment across projects.

Knowledge Management and Communication Initiatives.

You oversee the management and maintenance of organizational knowledge and documentation. You will also coordinate communication initiatives, such as our newsletter and catalog, to ensure consistent and effective information distribution.

What makes you a great fit

Experience and expertise.

You have 3-5 years of experience in relevant fields including substantial work in talent development, conceptualization, and design of trainings, and evaluation. Additionally, adept at leveraging tools and technologies (e.g. LMS, etc.) vital for the successful learning experience. Ideally, you have experience in an industry/ environment where the need for upskilling evolves rapidly and requires adaptability.

Project Management for Learning Excellence.

You have experience in using Project Management methodologies to effectively steer, execute and evaluate organizational learning initiatives.


You are fluent in English and able to effectively communicate with diverse stakeholders. You demonstrate proficiency in clear, concise, and structured communication, adeptly navigating diverse communication styles.


You are reliable, committed and maintain an exemplary positive attitude even when things get hectic or unexpectedly change.

Your Mindset.

You naturally align with our Values and Culture, which are centered around trust, dynamism, quality, collaboration, impact and professionalism.

What we offer

Work-Life Wellbeing.

At ctrl QS, we value your well-being and encourage our team members to maintain a healthy balance between work and personal. We understand that agency life can be highly dynamic and fast-paced, therefore we utilize a time-tracking tool to ensure you receive appropriate compensation through time off for any extra hours worked. Our company offers a flexible working environment, providing options for both full-time and part-time positions. Additionally, you'll enjoy 28 days of vacation every year, ensuring you have the time to recharge and explore your passions outside of work.

Vibrant Office in Central Berlin and Home Office from Everywhere.

Located in the digital heart of central Berlin, our bright office space fosters professional and personal interactions. Our hybrid working setup allows you to work comfortably from home, and we ensure you have all the necessary tools and resources to thrive. Additionally, you'll have the opportunity to enjoy up to 3 months of remote work per year, allowing you to work from any location in the world!

Continuous Learning and Career Growth.

We're dedicated to providing a unique learning environment where you can pursue your career goals. We help you find your place at ctrl QS, with focus on your development goals. You’ll find fluid career paths with opportunities to specialize or grow laterally. Also, our internal Academy offers a wealth of learning opportunities.

Diverse and Supportive Team.

Join our team of passionate, committed, and fun people from more than 40 nations. We celebrate diversity and welcome everyone to bring their unique perspectives, challenge conventions, and ignite creativity. Together, we form a multicultural and fun-loving team that thrives on collaboration.

People-First Culture.

At ctrl QS, we prioritize our people above all else. We strive to cultivate a healthy company culture where everyone feels safe and satisfied. Engage in regular team-building activities, fun sport and health initiatives, monthly team lunches, weekly company breakfasts, and regular team events are all part of the routine. And of course, our famous summer and Christmas parties are not to be missed!

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