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Content Management & Localization

We offer...

High-quality and timely launches of all major Content Management Systems
(Sitecore, Adobe Experience Manager, Drupal, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, etc.)

Accurate implementation of complex setup configurations
Management of multilingual content & translation processes
Consistent updating and maintaining of site
Content authoring & publication
Content & layout optimization

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Rollout Management

We offer...

Help with achieving time, budget and strategic goals necessary for your project

Optimization of rollout project planning & setup

Global rollout steering or support with specific tasks

Rollout implementation & execution

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Operational & Technical Support

We offer...

Specialists who understand the technical and operational complexity of corporate digital solutions on a global level.

1st level country support

Ticket & asset management

Localization & user testing

Global tool administration

Quality assurance as “brand police”

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Country Coordination & Engagement

We offer…

Guidance through activation & execution of global digital solutions

Management of global approval decisions for local activities

Local insight management & best practice sharing

Communication plans

Management of Feature Requests Management

Integration of collaboration tools & processes

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Success Management & Stakeholder Training

We offer…

Insight on increasing system acceptance and boosting commitment to follow global processes

Use-case-oriented video tutorials

Customized online and recorded trainings (CMS, DAM, Google Analytics, Jira, etc)

Online user guides

Stakeholder-specific communication plans

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Definition & Setup of Operating Modes

We offer…

The framework to managing your digital operations

Conceptualization of streamlined processes

Services operating model definition

Usage of globally provided tools & insight into tool selection

Processing of health checks and optimization

Governance definition

Implementation of planning & support

Ongoing update, optimization and maintenance of documentation, communication & engagement

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